Hardwood Staircase Refinishing & Railing Replacement

Signature Hardwood Floors, Inc. | Vancouver, WA

If you’ve had carpeting removed and would like your staircase to feature new hardwoods, Signature Hardwood Floors, Inc. will get them installed. When your existing hardwoods need to be refinished, we’ve got you covered there, too. Our skilled contractor will have your risers and treads looking fantastic. We have an eye for detail and will make sure all pieces are custom cut to fit correctly. Contact Signature Hardwood Floors for a free estimate on your staircase today.

3 benefits of hardwood stairs

3 benefits of hardwood stairs

Any material you put on a staircase will have advantages and disadvantages. Hardwood staircases have their advantages, such as:

  1. Being easier to clean
  2. Offering a timeless appearance
  3. Not trapping dust and dirt

If you already have hardwoods and need staircase refinishing, we’ll get your stairs recoated, buffed and looking like new again. We also offer railing replacements. Call 360-831-3027 to have your stairs worked on in Vancouver, WA.

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